Our business is successfully guiding and supporting our clients’ in meeting their staffing needs. Our unique value proposition of hourly billing, with no large fees up front or at the conclusion of a project, helps our clients achieve their goals with unparalleled cost savings.

We support our client’s in various ways:

Outsourced Human Resources | Search Support GroupCustomized, Scalable Recruitment Solutions

Search Support Group’s proven search process targets the most qualified people for the position, not just those actively pursuing a new job. As a result our clients get top performers…
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Outsourced Human Resources | Search Support GroupUnbundled Custom Research

Our customized research is a great alternative to classified advertising, Internet searches and other less productive means of identifying candidates. We focus on the passive marketplace…
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Outsourced Human Resources | Search Support GroupCompetitor Talent Mapping

Understanding your competition and how they are organized, how they compensate their management team, who are the rainmakers, can be one of the most important pieces of research…
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Learn about our other SERVICES including Interim Executive Management, Executive Assessments, Pre-Employment Screening and more!

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